Disciplinary Procedure

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code Disciplinary Procedure

RECC is continually monitoring Code Members to ensure that they comply with the Renewable Energy Consumer Code and its Bye-Laws. However, sometimes RECC receives information suggesting that Code Members may not have complied with these standards. This information can come from any source, but commonly comes from complaints from consumers, mystery shopping exercises and Trading Standards departments. RECC assesses this information and carries out a further investigation where required before deciding whether any action is needed.

There are various disciplinary steps RECC can take against Code Members, which include:

RECC will write to the Code Member to confirm where it has invoked the disciplinary procedure. The end of the disciplinary process will vary on a case by case basis. It could be when any conditions imposed by the Non-Compliance Panel have been met, or when a Consent Order has been complied with, or once RECC is satisfied with the Code Member's compliance.

Consent Orders

RECC and the Code Member may agree a Consent Order which will set out agreed steps for the Code Member to address any non-compliance and to remedy any breaches of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code or the Bye-Laws. If the Code Member does not agree to a Consent Order, or would prefer the matter to be heard by the Non-Compliance Panel, a Hearing will be arranged.

Consent Orders agreed by Code Members