About the team

About the Renewable Energy Consumer Code team


Through its Consumer Code RECC works to ensure the highest standards of protection for consumers of small-scale renewables. In this way, RECC aims to promote the resilience and reputation of the sector. 

Our dedicated team works hard to promote and enforce the Code in a robust and even-handed way.  With backgrounds in economics, law, trading standards, dispute resolution, customer service, renewable technologies and environmental management, between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience available to consumers and installers alike.
What makes the team special is that we truly believe in what we do.

Who we are:

Virginia Graham – Chief Executive
Aida Razgunaite – Head of Operations

Caroline Thomson – Membership Manager

Rebecca Robbins – Head of Compliance
David Buckley – Compliance Manager
Robert McCombie – Compliance Assistant

Dispute Resolution
Abena Simpey – Head of Dispute Resolution
Boris Eremin – Dispute Resolution Caseworker
Robert Hinde – Dispute Resolution Caseworker