Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022 for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)

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Welcome to this review of RECC’s activities in 2022!

I hope you will find the information in the Annual Report interesting and useful. This report describes the huge body of work that RECC carried out in 2022.

This was the year we emerged from the shadow of COVID 19 and started to get back to ‘the new normal’. This was balanced by the energy crisis which saw domestic electricity and gas prices rise dramatically. This inevitably turned homeowners to thinking about generating their own heat and power. The result was a record number of installations registered on the MCS (MID) database.

Thanks also go to our 3,000 plus Code Members who supported us throughout the very busy year. We couldn't have done any of it without you! Thanks go to all the RECC team members who have worked tirelessly throughout the year.
In the Annual Report you will find our activities broken down into sections including: Code Membership, Monitoring Compliance with the Code, Enforcing Compliance with the Code and Consumer Complaints.



To give you an overview of our numbers in 2022:

  • 3,037 businesses were members of the Code at the end of the year
  • Our members installed over 108,000 renewable energy generators across the UK
  • 1,675 businesses applied to become a member of the Code
  • 1,642 businesses were monitored in line with our Monitoring Strategy
  • 121 members were asked to respond to breaches of the Code and/or Bye-Laws
  • £176,557 was recovered for consumers through our Dispute Resolution Process

Among the high points of the year for us:

  • we worked closely with Government to ensure that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme was running smoothly and consumers were protected
  • we continued to offer Code Members installing solar PV, battery storage and wind only a popular pay-as-you-go membership option
  • we streamlined our processes to ensure they were fit-for-purpose in a rapidly-growing sector which is gearing up for meeting the Government’s Net Zero targets.

Find the full report here.