Useful guidance and links

Advice for consumers

It is important when considering a renewable energy system that you have as much information to hand as possible so as to make an informed decision. We hope that you find the following collection of documents and links useful. Feedback is welcome so please do contact us if you have any comments or suggestions for future guidance.

Renewable Energy Advice

  1. Energy Saving Trust guide to renewables
  2. FAQs for: faulty/underperforming systems; membership queries; installing an add-ons; pigeon damage and enforcing arbitration awards.
  3. FAQs around January 2016 Feed in Tariff changes

Assignment of Rights

  1. AoR Consumer Guidance
  2. Ofgem's Essential Guide to Assignment of Rights

Specific guidance on Solar PV (and battery storage)

  1. Guidance on Batteries and Solar Power
  2. Consumer guidance on supplementary solar PV equipment (batteries, voltage optimisers, diversion devices & LEDs)
  3. Which? guide to solar PV third party ownership (also known as “free solar” or “rent a roof”)
  4. Information to be provided to consumers regarding solar PV third party ownership (also known as "free solar" or "rent a roof")

Demand-side response and smart energy systems

  1. A RECC consumer guide to Demand-Side Response

Accredited installers and products

You can get further information about accredited installers and products from the following sites:

  1. Energy Saving Trust guide to renewables
  2. Microgeneration Certification Scheme consumer guide

Consumer protection

You can get further information about your rights and how to protect them at the following sites:

  1. Citizens Advice guidance on consumer rights
  2. Money Saving Expert ‘know your rights’ advice (mixed-contracts are relevant to most renewable installations)
  3. Claims Management Companies and whether or not to use them
  4. FAQs on Manufacturer's guarantees

Consumer Codes

You can find further information on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and its Consumer Codes Approval Scheme here.