Supervisory Panel

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code Supervisory Panel

A Supervisory Panel oversees the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. The members of the Panel are drawn from a wide range of stakeholder organisations. Some are involved in the sustainable energy industry directly, some indirectly and others are independent.

The Panel is chaired by David Laird, a specialist in the management, design and development of self-regulation who was previously  Code Manager at Energy UK, the trade association for energy retail and generation. He is an independent of the sector.

The role of the Panel is to oversee the adoption, maintenance and updating of Code. You can find further details about the role of the Panel in the Consumer Code and in the Bye-Laws. If you would like to contact a member of the Supervisory Panel, you can do so through Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd.

Please note that Panel members are acting in their own capacity.


David Laird

Full members:

Amanda Clark, Certsure
Brendan Murphy, MCS
Bryn Aldridge, independent trading standards expert
Dave Sowden, SEA
David Frise, B&ES
David Pickup, STA
Gideon Richards, MCS
Gretel Jones, independent consumer expert
Ian Cuthbert, EST
Jim Thorneycroft, independent solar PV expert
Martin Cotterell, Tesla
Neil Schofield, Worcester Bosch
Philip Wolfe, independent renewables expert
Steve Lisseter, independent consumer expert
Walter Carlton, Deloitte
Zoe Guijarro, Citizens Advice


Anna O’Connor, Ofgem
Margarita Vigrande, BEIS
Neel Naik, BEIS