Renewable Adjudication Service

When a complaint cannot be resolved through RECC’s dispute resolution process for whatever reason, RECC will offer the consumer the option of applying for the Renewable Adjudication Service. A consumer is not required to refer the dispute to adjudication and may choose to deal with the matter in other ways, including taking legal action. However, if the consumer submits an application for adjudication, the member must accede to the request. A fee is payable by both parties.

The scheme administrator has appointed CEDR Services Limited (CEDR) to operate the Renewable Adjudication Service on its behalf. Once a consumer applies for adjudication, CEDR will appoint an adjudicator from the panel it maintains for the purpose. If a consumer accepts the decision made, it will be binding on the parties and the code member must comply with it. If a consumer does not accept the decision, the dispute can be pursued through alternative means.