Membership Fees

Membership fees for the 2018 calendar year

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code joining fee, membership and administration fees for 2018 are as listed below, excluding VAT. In some cases the membership fee will be pro-rated based on the remaining months in the year.

Membership fees correspond to the total number of employees involved in renewable energy activities, including backroom staff and sales representatives even when these are not directly employed by the company, or the company’s business model. The membership category will be verified during audit.

All applicants are required to pay a £80 non-refundable joining fee.

Administration fees apply to AOR Investors only.

Joining Fee / Administration Fee

Membership Fees
1 - 6 employees: £260
7 - 25 employees: £520
26 - 50 employees: £780
51 - 100 employees: £1,000
101 - 200 employees: £1,500
Over 200 employees: £2,000

Commercial only: £260
AOR Investor only: £650