Membership Fees

Membership fees for the 2019 calendar year (not inc VAT):

Joining Fee / Administration Fee
Membership Fees
1 - 6 employees: £260
7 - 25 employees: £520
26 - 50 employees: £780
51 - 100 employees: £1,000
101 - 200 employees: £1,500
Over 200 employees: £2,000

Sole Trader only: £195
Commercial only: £260
Assignment of Rights only: Contact RECC for the fee for AoR Investors only

With the exception of AoR investors, Code membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year and Code Membership Fees are pro-rated based on the remaining months in the year when you join. All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable Application Fee.

Please note that applicants applying from 1 October 2018 will not be invoiced for the remaining months in 2018 but will be invoiced for 2019 membership.

Code Membership Fees correspond to either the total number of employees involved in the renewable energy activities of your business, or to your business model. For the purpose of Code membership, employees involved in renewable activities include backroom staff and sales representatives, even if they are not directly employed by the business. The RECC Executive will check you are in the correct category before your membership is processed.

If you are applying to be an AoR investor and you are already a Code member you will be asked to pay an Administration Fee. This covers RECC’s assessment of an AoR investor’s contract prior to approval and is non-refundable.

More information on AoR for investors can be found here.