Monitoring performance

RECC has undertaken an analysis of the results of all its activities since its inception in 2006. This has enabled us to identify the ten key compliance areas of the Code against which to monitor members and, as far as possible, entrants to the Scheme.

These are:

  • Awareness of consumer protection/RECC (including staff training);
  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme;
  • Marketing and selling;
  • Estimates/quotes, particularly performance estimates and financial incentives;
  • Finance agreements;
  • Contracts and cancellation rights;
  • Taking and protection of deposits and advanced payments;
  • Completing the installation;
  • After–sales (guarantees, workmanship warranties and warranty protection, after sales support: customer service); and
  • Complaints numbers, handling, procedures.

Gathering data on members’ performance against these CAs going forward will give RECC a clear picture of the state of compliance of the individual member, of the individual member against the average and across the Scheme as a whole.

At an individual member level, monitoring enables RECC to pinpoint areas where needs to improve and to assist them to reach compliance, as well as to identify instances where disciplinary action may be required.

More information on the selection of appropriate monitoring activity can be found here.