How to apply for membership

Guidance for applicants

These notes have been prepared to assist applicants to understand the membership application process. Firstly, applicants must complete an Application Form. Once this has been submitted applicants will be prompted to complete a Self-assessment Compliance Check. Both the Application Form and the Self-assessment Compliance Check Form (complete with supporting documents) must be submitted before a business can be considered for membership. As part of the Self-assessment Compliance Check you will be asked to submit supporting documentation to demonstrate compliance with the Consumer Code.

Each application is considered on its merits and applications are scrutinised carefully.

Please be aware that providing any false or misleading information in any part of the application process is a disciplinary matter which is likely to result in your application being rejected or expulsion from the Scheme.

Please do not ask a junior member of staff to complete the application on your behalf.

Completing the Application Form

General details

The application form firstly asks you for some general details about your company such as contact details, the systems you deal with, regions you operate in and how many employees you have working with renewables (including office staff and sales representatives).


During the application process you will also be asked to make a number of important legal declarations. One, for example, asks you to declare that no director, senior staff, partner etc. of your company has been involved with a company that has gone into liquidation in the past five years. If no director, senior staff, partner etc. has been involved in a liquidated business please tick the appropriate box to indicate this.

It is essential that you make these declarations truthfully, and that you inform us if any relevant circumstance should change.

Completing the Self-Assessment Compliance Check Form

Once you have submitted the Application Form the webpage will then prompt you to complete the Self-assessment Compliance Check. You will also be emailed a link to this in case you wish to complete this later. Completing this form is an important aspect of the application process. The purpose is to understand your business model and to ensure compliance with the Code and consumer law. As you run through the form you will see that there are several key compliance areas.

Before you complete the Self-assessment Compliance Check you should read the Code and prepare a set of compliant documents. For access to the applicants’ area of the RECC website, which holds a variety of compliant documents (and templates) that you can use, please phone 0207 981 0850. Using these documents is the most effective means of ensuring compliance with the relevant sections of the Code.

Supporting evidence

You will be asked to upload documents to support and evidence your Compliance Check answers. You can find a full list of what supporting documents are required here. For example, if you indicate on the Compliance Check that you currently protect your Workmanship Warranty through an insurance backed guarantee (IBG) scheme you will be asked to upload evidence of your registration with an IBG provider. Similarly, if you operate telesales you will be asked to submit your telesales script.

What happens after you have submitted both forms along with supporting evidence?

Your Application Form, Self-assessment Compliance Check Form and any supporting documents will be reviewed by the membership team. We aim to process applications within 2 weeks but please be aware that the process can take longer if we require additional information or evidence as part of our due-diligence checks.

Due-diligence Checks

As part of a comprehensive monitoring programme your Application Form and Self-assessment Compliance Check are reviewed by the membership team. We review advertising and documentation for compliance with the Consumer Code, consumer protection legislation and Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) standards. We also review director and business trading history. If we require further details or additional supporting evidence the membership team will contact you directly or alternately an independent auditor working for RECC will contact you.

What happens if your application is rejected?

The majority of businesses, and individuals associated with those businesses, that apply to join RECC are ‘fit and proper’ and compliant with the Consumer Code. If however RECC is minded to reject an application in line with the circumstances listed here, RECC may refer it to the independent Applications Panel. The Panel will review the application together with RECC’s recommendation that it should be rejected. The Applications Panel will decide whether the applicant:

  • can be admitted to the Scheme without conditions; or
  • can be admitted to the Scheme subject to certain conditions or undertakings or to satisfactory results in a period of intensive monitoring; or
  • should not be admitted to the Scheme.

Applicants will be informed if their application is to be referred to the Applications Panel and given the choice whether they wish to proceed at this stage. The Applications Panel process is set out here. The decision of the Applications Panel will be final. Applicants are not barred from re-applying as appropriate in the future though the same criteria will be applied in reviewing their application.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions about applying for membership please contact or phone 0207 981 0850.