Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018 for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)

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Welcome to this review of RECC’s activities in 2018!

I hope you will find the information in the review interesting and useful. This report describes a huge body of work that RECC carried out during the year. My thanks go to our members who have supported us throughout the year. We couldn't have done any of it without you! My thanks also go to the RECC team members who have worked tirelessly throughout.

We have broken down our activities into sections including: promoting the code, benefits of membership, overview of members, enforcing compliance, resolving consumer complaints and resourcing the RECC team.



In 2018, RECC worked hard to maintain a strong and recognised presence in the UK domestic renewable energy sector. For the fifth year in a row we worked hard to keep our fees at the same level. Despite the challenges our members faced in the sector, we had 1,700 members and received 302 new membership applications over the course of the year. RECC has been a key player promoting the UK's renewable energy industry in 2018, having for instance:

  • sponsored the Installer of the Year Award at the British Renewable Energy Awards, which was won by RECC member Cambridge Solar Ltd in 2018;
  • responded to BEIS consultations on the future of small-scale renewable systems, and on the closure of the Feed-In Tariff scheme;

  • worked with the MCS Heat Pump Working Group to ensure that the revised heat pump standard contained robust heat pump performance estimates and that other pre-contractual information is provided to consumers;
  • worked with MCS, EST and Scottish Government to draft clear guidance for installers on the new heat pump standard;
  • participated in the Fair4Solar protest held outside Parliament, arranged by 10:10 and the STA, to fight for retaining the export tariff after the Feed-In Tariff scheme closes;
  • attended, exhibited and presented at major industry shows, including Energy Storage and Connected Systems, Energy Storage Summit, Ecobuild 2018, The EV Experience, Fully Charged, and Solar and Storage Live;
  • worked with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Ofgem to launch Assignment of Rights as part of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme; and
  • advised a cross-party group in Scottish Parliament on consumer detriment suffered through the abuse and mis-selling of the Green Deal.

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