Success stories from our complaint handlers

Positive feedback from consumers

Company withholds deposit after contract cancellation

Mr A paid a deposit of £1628 and cancelled the contract outside the Cooling Off Period because the company did not provide the required pre-contractual information including performance estimates and a quotation. The company retained his deposit for late cancellation. Mr A was seeking a full refund.

Outcome achieived: Full refund of  £1628.

Comments from Mr. A: I'm now delighted to advise that the recently received cheque from the company has cleared in my account. I wish to record my thanks and appreciation to you for your patience with me since taking on the case and for your commendable efforts on my behalf in achieving a successful outcome”.  September 2013

Faulty solar PV system fails to generate

Mr and Mrs B sought compensation of £480 from the company for loss of generation during a period when their solar PV system was faulty.

Outcome acheived: £559.68 compensation.

Comments from Mr. and Mrs. B: “we have received a cheque for £559.68.  A very big thank you from both of us for all you have done getting us the money, as I don’t think we would have done it on our own.  Once again thank you”. September 2013

Extended inverter warranty promised but undelivered

Company assured Mr C pre-contract that he would receive an extended warranty for the inverter. The company failed to provided it after the installation.

Outcome acheived:  20 year extended inverter warranty.

Comments from Mr. C:  “Anyway thanks for your continued support in the pursuit of the items we are owed [by the company].  I again thank you for all your personal efforts in these matters”. December 2013

Company seeks compensation for loss of profit and costs incurred

Mrs D cancelled her contract outside the Cooling-Off Period for a Solar PV installation and the company were asking for a repayment of £3,465 for loss of profit and costs incurred.

Outcome achieved: The consumer and the company reached a settlement whereby a small amount was paid by the consumer for the actual costs incurred.

Comments from Mrs. D:  “I would like to emphasise my gratitude at the kindness and support that your organisation offered, particularly over the phone, when I was at my wit's end as to how we were going to resolve this issue without incurring costs we wouldn't be able to afford”. February 2014

Consumer promised exaggerated solar PV performance

Initial SAP calculation did not take account of the accepted level of shading. Mr C believes he was induced to enter contract by inflated figures. The first year has generated approximately 77% of the initial estimate.

Outcome achieved: £2000 compensation

Comments from Mr C:  “I do want to record my sincere thanks to you for all your assistance. You have always managed to tread the fine line between being non-judgmental and being proactive, helping both parties to look constructively at the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments. Having responsibility for an alternative dispute resolution in healthcare, I know just how challenging this can be! Anyway, you are a credit to your organisation and if you feel it appropriate do pass on my thoughts to your manager/director. And if you ever were considering a change in career direction, do get in touch”. October 2013.

Company withholds deposit after contract cancellation

Mrs O signed a contract on 17 December 2013 and paid a £935 deposit. Mrs O cancelled the contract on 18 December 2013 and the company refused to return the consumer's deposit.

Outcome achieved: Full refund of £935 deposit.

Comments from Mrs O: “I am very grateful for your help.   As soon as I heard from you I got a letter from them dated 31st January and to-day it arrived in my A/c.   If you did not exist I doubt if I would ever have seen it again”. February 2014

Company seeks to install system despite contract cancellation

Mr and Mrs A consumer signed a contract and paid a £1,275 deposit. The consumer cancelled the contract the next working day but the company failed to return the deposit. The company then attended the consumer's property in an attempt to install the system.

Outcome achieved: Full refund of £1,275 deposit

Comments from Mr. and Mrs. A: “We both can't thank you enough for what you and your team have done in helping us to have the money returned our account… It is so good that a company like yours is there to keep in line Renewable Energy companies and to help customers like us when we need help”. February 2014

Contract with no cancellation notice declared invalid

Mrs M signed a quotation form without realising it was also a contract. When the company tried to come and carry out a survey Mrs M cancelled the contract. The company was threatening the consumer with legal action for the full contract value.

Outcome achieved: The company confirmed in writing that the contract was not valid and therefore could not be enforced as they had not provided a notice of the consumer’s right to cancel.

Comments from Mrs. M:Words can't express how thankful we are to you for your intervention and all the work you have done on our behalf from start to finish in this matter.
If there is any reporting body that REAL answer to, I will gladly highlight the fantastic support that has been provided throughout this whole process, so please send me details if that is the case.  Without your intervention, this may well have had a more depressing outcome. Thank you again.  We owe you our deepest gratitude”.
January 2013