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Resources we have provided to assist our members

3.2kW Romag installation
3.2kW Romag installation. Image: Ecocetera.

This section of the website contains resources we have provided to assist our members. You will find guidance and model documents to help you draft your own documents and to ensure they are compliant with the Consumer Code. You will also find details of other services we offer you as members, and we will be adding to these over time. We are always happy to hear your views and to receive your suggestions for additional resources and services you would find useful.

Please note that RECC is not an insurance company. We are the administrator of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. Consumers will not be covered by insurance unless you have registered their installation with an insurance company or other provider. You must inform consumers how their deposits, advance payments and warranties will be protected.

Further resources are available for members in the members' log-in area.