Insurance Providers

RECC requires members to protect deposits, advance payments and workmanship warranties

RECC requires members to insure any deposits and further advance (or ‘stage’) payments they take, together with the workmanship warranties they issue, to protect a consumer against an installer ceasing to trade.

There are a number of insurance providers who offer such products, and which meet RECC’s minimum criteria for this type of cover.

Members can use this table to quickly compare insurance products and find one suitable for their business model.

For more information on products and to understand any significant limitations to cover, visit this spreadsheet.

It is essential that you make yourself aware of the terms and conditions of whichever product you use, in order to check that the cover is adequate, and inform consumers how their deposits, advance payments and workmanship warranties will be protected.

RECC encourages members to shop around.

Please note that Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd (REAL), the company that administers RECC, is not an insurance company. Neither REAL nor RECC derive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from any insurance provider. This information is correct to the best of RECC’s knowledge.

If you are an insurance provider and you would like to appear on this list then please email