Insurance Providers

RECC requires members to protect deposits, advance payments and workmanship warranties

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code requires members to protect any deposits and further advance (or ‘stage’) payments they take, together with the workmanship warranties they issue, lest they cease to trade. The most usual way RECC members can do this is by arranging an insurance-backed workmanship warranty combined with deposit insurance for their consumers.

There are a number of insurance providers who offer policies such as this. RECC encourages you to shop around and to select the product which suits you and your consumers best. This PDF document gives details of the providers the products they offer, together with any significant limitations to the cover. Please note that the information is correct to the best of RECC’s knowledge.

It is essential that you make yourself aware of the terms and conditions of the product in order to check that the cover is adequate. Consumers will not be covered by insurance unless you register their installation with an insurance provider. You must inform consumers how their deposits, advance payments and workmanship warranties will be protected, and give them details of their policy.

Please note that Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd (REAL), the company that administers RECC, is not an insurance company. Neither REAL nor RECC derive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from any insurance provider.