Deposit and Workmanship Insurance providers

RECC requires members to protect deposits, further advance payments and workmanship warranties

Please click here for a PDF list of Insurance Providers known to offer cover for domestic renewable installations.

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code requires members to protect any deposits and further advance (or ‘stage’) payments, and the workmanship warranties they issue to consumers, in case they cease to trade. The most common way members can ensure that both these protections are in place is by arranging for consumers to have insurance policies.

There are a number of insurance providers who offer RECC members a means of complying with the Code in these respects. This PDF document sets these providers out and gives details of the products they offer, together with any significant limitations to the cover. Please note that the information is correct to the best of RECC’s knowledge, but that it is essential you read the terms and conditions of any insurance policy in order to check the full details of the cover.

You can find more details of the DAWWI scheme provided by QANW here.