Renewable Energy Consumer Code Bye-Laws

Please click here to download the Bye-Laws as a PDF.

The RECC Bye-Laws have recently been updated

The RECC Bye-Laws have recently been updated. You can find the main changes set out here. Please do look carefully at the changes.

Throughout the Bye-Laws:

  • reference to Related Products has been added. Specific points are highlighted below where this directly affects a Code Member’s obligations; otherwise this reference extends the scope of the Bye-Laws to cover Related Products as well as Energy Generators; and
  • reference to Assignment of Rights (AOR) has been added where it is relevant to a Code Member who has become or intends to become an AOR Investor.

The majority of changes that have been made are to Clause 4 which sets out the Obligations of Code Members. Please look carefully at these. Please note also the new Clause 19 of the Bye-Laws. In order to be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 RECC members must ensure that the RECC Use of Personal Data Notice is provided to consumers at the time that any personal data is collected.