How to complain - for domestic consumers

Information on our dispute resolution process

RECC is a CTSI approved Alternative Dispute Resolution body under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. RECC's RECC's Annual ADR Report (1 October 2022 – 30 September 2023) can be found here.

We have 4 ADR Officials, 3 of whom are based in the office and 1 who works externally. The team consists of 1 Head of Dispute Resolution and 3 Dispute Resolution Caseworkers. The Head of Dispute Resolution and 2 Caseworkers are employed on a permanent basis, and the remaining external Caseworker is appointed on a contractual basis. All Officials were appointed after a diligent application and interview process to assess their competency. Please click on the following link below to download information on our dispute resolution process. It is important that consumers read this document before they register a complaint with RECC. Consumers should also read through the Important Information which sets out the types of complaints that RECC can deal with.

We accept complaints in English only. We accept domestic and cross border complaints from consumers or complainants acting on their behalf.

We have prepared a dispute resolution process flowchart for a visual overview. More details can be found in the main document below.

RECC's dispute resolution process

Registering a complaint online

If a consumer is not satisfied with how a RECC member has handled their complaint, and the complaint is about issues linked to the Consumer Code, they should direct it to the scheme administrator by filling in a Complaints Registration Form online here.

Registering a complaint by post

If you are unable to register a complaint online for any reason, the complaint registration form can be posted on request. Please contact the Dispute Resolution Team on 0207 981 0850. We accept complaints in English only and we accept domestic and cross border complaints from consumers or complainants acting on their behalf.


TrustMark is a Government endorsed sign of consumer protection for different types of work in and around consumers' home including the installation of renewable energy generators. Consumers who sign a contract with a business who is TrustMark-registered through RECC can have confidence that the business complies with the high standards set out in RECC as well as TrustMark's scheme requirements. Please see the TrustMark Code of Conduct and Customer Charter for the standards expected from TrustMark registered businesses.

If the trader is based in a different EU country

If you are a UK consumer with a dispute with a trader based in a different EU country there is a special service offering advice and support, the UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC), hosted by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Conflict of Interest Policy

When handling complaints through our dispute resolution process, our Dispute Resolution Caseworkers are expected to uphold principles of independence, professionalism and impartiality towards the parties to a dispute at all times throughout the dispute resolution process. However, there may be cases where these principles are compromised due to an actual or potential conflict of interest between a Caseworker and either party of the complaint or their representatives. RECC has a Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure which sets out our process for dealing with this. Full details can be found in the Appendix of RECC’s Dispute Resolution Process document.

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