How to complain - for domestic consumers

Information on our dispute resolution process

Please click on the following link to download information on our dispute resolution process. It is important that consumers read this document before they register a complaint with RECC.

RECC's dispute resolution process

If a consumer is not satisfied with how a RECC member has handled their complaint, and the complaint is about issues linked to the Consumer Code, they should direct it to the scheme administrator by filling in a complaints registration form online here (however if the consumer is unable to fill in the online form, they may request a hard copy version by contacting the RECC office).

Consumers should also read through the Important Information which sets out the types of complaints that RECC can deal with.

If you are a UK consumer with a dispute with a trader based in a different EU country there is a special service offering advice and support, the UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC), hosted by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

RECC is a Certified Entity under the European Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Directive. You can find a list of certified ADR entities published on the European Commission website.

RECC's Annual ADR Report (11 June 2017 - 10 June 2018) can be found here.