Important Information

Please read this information before you register a complaint

  • The "how to complain" section of the RECC website provides an outline of how RECC handles complaints. You should read this before submitting a complaint.
  • Any complaint must be made by the customer, or a relative or friend authorised to act on their behalf and at their request.
  • If the issue you are complaining about has already been resolved, or if you are not seeking redress, then it will be treated as feedback rather than a complaint.
  • If you are complaining about a RECC member, you must be able to demonstrate that you have attempted to resolve the issues identified with the member.
  • You must ensure the complaint is clearly defined and where possible clearly broken down into its constituent items.
  • We may ask you to provide certain documents and/or evidence once your complaint has been allocated to a case handler. You do not need to provide this at the time of registering your complaint.
  • In general, where you have initiated legal proceedings against a member, the complaint handler has the right to suspend or end any investigation of your complaint.

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RECC can deal with any complaints which relate to the Consumer Code. It is worth reading through the Code, as well as our dispute resolution process. If you are complaining about any of the following issues, you should direct your complaint to the MCS Certification Body, RECC, or the MCS Licensee:

Type of Issue MCS Certification Body RECC
Communication issues / customer service  
Damage to your property  
Electrical or safety issues  
Failure to refund a deposit or advance payment  
Handover pack incomplete / warranties not provided
Incomplete installation / contract  
Incorrect or missing MCS Certificate  
Incorrect performance estimate  
Incorrect information provided about eligibility, deadlines or application procedures for government grants or incentives, including the Feed-in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive  
Insurance for a deposit or workmanship warranty  
Location of generation meter  
Misleading information about the financial benefit of the system  
Poor workmanship  
Potential breaches of the Consumer Code  
Repair work  
System design  
System fault that arose during the installation process  
System fault that arose during the period of the workmanship warranty  
System installed is not what was agreed in the contract  
Technical queries  
Underperformance of a system
Wrong brand of product installed  
Mis-selling of related products linked to a renewable energy generator such as a battery storage unit, voltage optimisers or monitoring device.