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Beware of JUNK MAIL 'Free Solar PV and System Check' letters!

Posted: 13 August, 2020. Written by Virginia Graham

Beware of JUNK MAIL 'Free Solar PV and System Check' letters!

New reports show consumers continue to be sent unsolicited letters from Evo Energy Solutions Ltd, company number 11946449. The letters claim that the company's records indicate that the consumer has missed their 'free solar PV and system check'. These letters incorrectly suggest that the company holds information about the consumer's solar PV system when this is not the case. It is not clear where Evo Energy Solutions has drawn the consumer data from for the direct mail out but it is likely to have been bought from a sales lead organisation. If you have concerns over the use of your data, we advise that you notify the ICO.

Similar letters were sent by this company in 2019 falsely warning consumers that their 'solar panel warranty' was due to expire. The new letters have stark similarities to others sent by the ‘British Trading Solar Association’ (BTSA) and ESE Consultants Ltd. All these companies are linked with ESE Services Ltd, and its director Gary Fredson, which was found to be in breach of RECC when it was a member. Evo Energy Solutions Ltd is not a member of RECC and is not an MCS certified installer.

Linked to this, The Daily Mirror newspaper conducted their own investigation of the letters sent by BTSA, warning consumers of junk mail that could trick you into making unnecessary payments.

If you receive unsolicited letters from companies offering services for your solar panels, we advise you to either ignore the letter completely or, if you are concerned, to contact your original installer. If you contact another installer, you should check to make sure they are a member of RECC and MCS certified for the technology you have installed.  

You can search for a RECC member here.
You can search for an MCS certified installer here.

Should you (or your customers) receive a letter like this, please let us know. We are working closely with Trading Standards on this case and will pass any information to their investigations team.

Please note that EVO Energy Solutions Ltd should NOT be confused with EvoEnergy Ltd, a RECC member (00017975) and MCS certified Installer (NIC2071).