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BSL specific guidance released

Posted: 10 April, 2015. Written by Lorraine

Today the operator of the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)  released BSL specific guidance on how to comply with the land criteria for fuels on the BSL.

The three guidance documents that are available on the BSL website inlcude: BSL and Criteria Guidance, BSL Evidence for Land Criteria and BSL Risk Based Regional Assessment & Mass.

Key deadlines for those concerned are:
6th May 2015 - From this date ‘affected suppliers’ can upload evidence on the BSL portal.
6th July 2015 – By this date, ‘affected suppliers’ are required to have submitted evidence documents to comply with the land criteria. The deadline to submit land criteria information is 5pm on 5th July 2015,
5th October 2015 – From this date, domestic RHI claimants must be using BSL fuels. Non-domestic RHI participants must use sustainable fuels and most are expected to do this by using BSL fuels. It should be noted that the fuel needs to be, "at the time when it was received by the [RHI] participant, an approved sustainable fuel."

If you have any questions regarding your BSL fuel application, please contact the BSL administrator.
For the guidance visit their website,