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Claims company ‘Verity Claims’ targets solar PV consumers

Posted: 25 April, 2014. Written by Mark

The Daily Mirror recently reported that a company, Verity Claims, is offering, in return for an upfront fee of £495 to obtain compensation for consumers ‘from the Government’ for mis-sold solar PV systems by Solar Energy Savings Ltd and Ultra Energy Global Ltd. Solar Energy Savings Ltd was wound up in the public interest by the High Court on 26 July 2012 while Ultra Energy Global Ltd is in administration. The report suggests that these companies may have sold on the names and contact details of their customers, many of them vulnerable. It is not clear on what basis Verity Claims will obtain compensation ‘from the Government’ for these consumers. In the event that it does not, consumers’ up-front fees will be ‘non-refundable’. The report advises consumers that paying an up-front fee to Verity Claims could amount to throwing good money after bad.

Neither Solar Energy Savings Ltd nor Ultra Energy Global Ltd was ever a member of RECC or MCS certified.

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