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Consumer Code revised

Posted: 28 October, 2016. Written by Mark

The Consumer Code has today (28 October 2016) been revised for the first time in two years. These revisions have been approved by Chartered Institute of Trading Standards, our approval body, and by the RECC Supervisory Panel.

The principal revisions are intended to:

  • take account of the introduction of Consumer Rights Act 2015 (affects sections 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4,8.1, 8.4, A, C11 and C12);
  • provide more clarity around the assignment of rights models and ‘related products’ linked to energy generators, including battery storage;
  • bring the Code into line with recent changes to the RECC Bye-Laws;
  • re-order section 4 and add sub-headings;
  • re-order section 5 and add sub-headings;
  • make explicit reference of the need to keep records;
  • increase the minimum level of public liability insurance to £2 million, in line with the Competent Persons Scheme;
  • update finance sections to be fully in line with FCA regime;
  • update references to the CAP Code and the BCAP Code;
  • include the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations;
  • change references to ‘complaint’ into ‘dispute’ and ‘complaint handling’ into ‘dispute resolution’;
  • update insurance-backed warranty section;
  • take account of the introduction of the ADR Regulations 2015;
  • remove section on independent conciliation service which is no longer required or offered;
  • update definitions, glossary, lists and contact details at the end of the Code;
  • generally tidy up and audit the Code for consistency.

RECC members should read the Code carefully to ensure that they are aware of these revisions. The Code can be accessed here.