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Credit Card Scam

Posted: 13 November, 2015. Written by Mark

We have been informed that an individual is phoning RECC members claiming to be from RECC and asking for credit card details in order to refund a payment. It appears that the caller was using the information publicly available in the Member Search area on the RECC website.

If you are a RECC member and receive a similar call please do not provide your credit card details under any circumstances and contact RECC immediately so that we can pass the relevant details on to the Police.

Please note that RECC will never telephone members to ask for credit card details. Any credit card payments made to RECC are processed through Sage Pay and the details are encrypted. Even if a double payment had been received it would have been picked up straightaway, and any refund would be handled automatically through Sage Pay, and again the credit card details would be encrypted.