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DECC publish response to consultation of Feed in Tariff Fast Track Review

Posted: 26 July, 2011. Written by Ciaran Burns

DECC have published their response to the consultation of the FIT Fast Track Review which covers all Solar PV installations over 50kW, all stand alone solar PV and Anaerobic Digestion installations under 500kW.

The only change that might affect domestic consumers is for those systems could be defined as stand alone installations. Ofgem broadly defines stand alone as a system that does not supply an occupied building. Therefore if somebody has a ground mounted PV system that supplies electricity to their property directly then that system would not be classified as a stand alone system. Therefore if a ground mounted system is supplying an already occupied property directly and the installed capacity is under 4kWp then that system would qualify for the higher tariff rate of 43.3 pence per kWh.