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Ofgem announce the first 1,000 approved applicants for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

Posted: 16 July, 2014. Written by Lorraine

Ofgem last week published a document releasing details of the first 1000 applicant’s into the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI). Just 7 weeks from launch on 9 April 2014. 

The domestic RHI, which has been launched to encourage the install of renewable heat technologies, pays home owners with one of these technologies a tariff based on their heat demand. Renewable heat technologies include solar thermal, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and biomass.

Analysis of the first 1, 000 applicants has shown that the majority of technologies installed have been air source heat pumps, with the majority of fuel being replaced being oil then gas.
The South West of England has seen the most applicants and these are a mix of both new and legacy applicants.

Legacy applicants are those who installed between 15 July 2009 and launch on 9 April 2014. Legacy applicants have been phased so that only consumers who did not receive any RHPP payment could apply for the RHI in the first 3 months. On 9 July 2014 the D RHI was opened up to legacy customers who received a RHPP payment before 20 May 2013. The next phase is due to be announced 6 months from launch.

All those installing renewables should note the RHI was created for households off the gas grid in mind. Some technologies like air source and ground source heat pumps are not suitable for properties on the gas grid.