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RECC grants Easy MCS™ associate membership

Posted: 20 January, 2015. Written by Mark

Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) has today granted associate membership to Easy MCS, part of Qualitick™ Ltd, providers of support for businesses seeking & maintaining MCS certification.

Under the terms of the agreement RECC will ensure that Easy MCS provides its clients with accurate information about the Code, consumer protection legislation and RECC resources. Importantly, the agreement does not imply that RECC will treat Easy MCS clients any differently from its other members or applicant members. All RECC’s resources, materials and advice remain freely available to all on an equal basis.

RECC Chief Executive, Virginia Graham, welcomed the new arrangement today: “I look forward to working with Easy MCS going forward. Both our organisations have an interest in driving higher standards in the sector. One important way of doing this is to ensure that all businesses in the sector are fully compliant with MCS installer standards and the RECC Consumer Code. RECC will continue to do everything we can to protect consumers and promote the sector.”

Easy MCS Director, Simon Roberts, commented on the announcement “We are thrilled to be able to make this announcement today alongside RECC, and we are really looking forward to working more closely together. At Easy MCS we pride ourselves on always ensuring our clients are compliant with the robust and vital RECC and MCS Standards, which offer both an excellent framework for a successful installation business alongside minimum levels of consumer protection. We will continue to promote the sector and drive the importance of compliance with these robust standards, and this new arrangement will only positively support our combined progress to this common vision.”