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RECC publishes Guidance for Members on Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances

Posted: 14 September, 2023. Written by Abena Asare-Frimpong

We have updated our Guidance for Members on Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances. This involved consulting consumer protection experts within the industry, our members and working with the West of England Centre for Inclusive Living. The guidance is designed to support members to understand their obligations during contact with consumer who may be in vulnerable circumstances or have additional needs such as illiteracy, visual impairment, and mental health conditions. It covers key areas including:

  • a definition of vulnerable circumstances and the types of circumstances or additional needs that members may come across when selling products and providing services in a consumer’s home;
  • a range of factors to take into consideration to assist with identifying vulnerable circumstances; and
  • an outline of comprehensive measures which members can take to provide tailored support to consumers including a list of specific examples.

The guidance also highlights that members should communicate with consumers effectively from the outset and careful consideration of their needs is demonstrated throughout the contractual journey. Furthermore, the guidance emphasizes that members must have a process in place and appropriate training for all employees and includes useful links for further information.

The guidance is available in the Members’ area of the website here.

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