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RECC reports record body of work in 2021

Posted: 24 August, 2022. Written by Virginia Graham

In its latest Annual Reort, published today, RECC reports a record body of work carried out during 2021. RECC had over 2,000 members who, during the year installed over 70,000 renewable energy generators - including a record number of air-source heat pumps and a high number of solar PV systems, many of them with battery storage systems alongside them. This level of activity is remarkable given the pandemic which continued to cast its shadow.

For its part, during the year, RECC:

  • received 773 new membership applications
  • closely monitored 684 members
  • asked 68 members to respond to breaches of the Code and/or Bye-Laws
  • helped recover £104,122 for consumers which is equal to an average of £1,700 for each complaint through RECC's Dispute Resolution Process.

You can read the full RECC 2021 Annual Report below.

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