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RECC sets up Primary Authority agreement

Posted: 15 April, 2014. Written by Mark

RECC has this week set up a Primary Authority agreement with Slough Borough Council (SBC). This is a major step forward for RECC members. SBC will guarantee that RECC core documentation is compliant with consumer protection legislation and we will be able to seek bespoke advice on individual cases. Members complying with RECC core documentation will have the comfort of knowing that they are fully compliant. In addition, individual members can elect to be formally affiliated to SBC as part the agreement.

Primary Authority allows businesses to be involved in their own regulation. Launched in 2009, Primary Authority is administered by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business and Enterprise. It enables businesses to form a statutory partnership with one local authority which then provides robust and reliable advice for other councils to take into account when carrying out inspections or addressing non-compliance.

Primary Authorities provide robust, bespoke advice that must be respected by all local regulators. This enables businesses to invest with confidence in products, practices and procedures, knowing that the resources they devote to compliance are well spent.