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Reforms to the RHI laid in Parliament

Posted: 12 February, 2018. Written by Lorraine

Regulations to implement reforms to both the Domestic and Non-domestic RHI schemes have now been laid before Parliament.

There will now be a period of six to ten weeks for parliamentary debate, and subsequent parliamentary approval is required before the regulations can come into force. These timings are indicative and subject to parliamentary time.

These draft regulations will implement the last part of the RHI reform from the 2016 reform. The headlines for the proposed changes to the domestic RHI can be found below:

  • Introduction of mandatory electricity metering for heat pumps on the Domestic RHI 
  • Introduction of assignment of rights 
  • Various operational administrative changes

The full details of these changes can be found here.

Ofgem is also due to publish guidance giving more detail about these amendments.