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Registration of MCS compliant installations

Posted: 4 September, 2013. Written by Ciaran

In preparation for the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) MCS has agreed with the DECC that all MCS compliant installations installed since 15th July 2009, but not yet registered on the MCS Installation Database (MID), must be registered on the MID by 4pm 22nd October 2013. Although primarily aimed at ensuring installations of heat generating technologies have been registered with MCS before the domestic RHI launches, the change will also apply to electricity generating technologies. After this date it will be no longer possible to register these installations on the MID and obtain an MCS certificate.

Furthermore it is already an MCS requirement that installations must be registered within 10 working days of a system being fully installed and commissioned. After the above 22nd October 2013 deadline MCS will be enforcing the 10 working day period, contained within each of the MCS installation standards under the handover section, by restricting the MID to only allow the registration of systems within the 10 working day period from the commissioning date. The commissioning date on the MCS certificate must align with the date on all related commissioning paperwork kept on file. Failure to register installations on the MID will mean that you will be unable to obtain an MCS certificate. Therefore MCS strongly advises that you note and adhere to the above requirement.