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Regulations laid in Parliament to update the RHI

Posted: 11 July, 2017. Written by Lorraine

BEIS has announced that it has now laid regulations in Parliament to update both the Domestic and Non-domestic RHI with the latest version of the MCS installer standard for heat pumps (version 5.0 of MIS 3005), which was published by MCS on 28 April.

This change is to allow heat pumps installed in accordance with the updated standard to be eligible to apply to the RHI and will come into force on 31 July.

The draft regulations for this amendment can be found at

To summarise the changes to MIS 3005: updates have been made to the Heat Pump Compliance Certificate and the Heat Pump Handover Pack Information. An MCS Heat Pump System Performance Estimate (MCS 031) has been created for all MCS Contractors to use at quotation stage and a recommended procedure to follow from the initial enquiry through to the handover of a heat pump installation.

The full details of the MCS updates can be found here. Please continue to use version 4.3 of MIS 3005 in order to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) until the updated regulations come into force