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Revised version of MCS 001 now available on the MCS website

Posted: 8 November, 2011. Written by Ciaran Burns

MCS 001 has now been updated and published as a revised version 2.0. The new version has the implementation timetable as specified below:
Publication date – Monday 31st October 2011

Implementation Date – Thursday 1st December 2011

All MCS ceritifed installers are to implement the revised version from the implementation date and will be subject to it for their next surveillance visit. All new MCS installers will be certified to the revised version.

A key revision of the standard for REAL members is Clause 8 of Appendix A which stipulates:

A contract for the sale and installation of a system shall be entered into only between an MCS certified Company and a Customer. An MCS certified Company may carry out work under subcontract to another MCS certified Company in which case clause 10 must be satisfied.

More information is available on the MCS website here.