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Smart Export Guarantee tariffs introduced

Posted: 3 January, 2020. Written by Virginia Graham

Larger electricity suppliers were obliged to introduce a Smart Export Guarantee tariff on 1 January 2020. To date, 13 fixed-rate tariffs have been announced together with one variable-rate tariff. Solar Trade Association has put together a league table showing how these compare. (See below for full details of the fixed-rate tariffs only, with thanks to Solar Trade Association.)

Of the fixed-rate tariffs, the highest rates currently being offered are: 5.6 p/kWh exported (Social Energy), 5.5 p/kWh exported (Octopus Energy and E.On Energy) and 5.38 p/kWh exported (Bulb Energy).

The lowest rate had been offered by Shell Energy (0.001 p/kWh exported) but, following criticism, Shell Energy has now increased this to 3.5 p/kWh exported. This leaves the lowest rate being offered as 0.5 p/kWh exported (Utility Warehouse).  

The variable rate is being offered by Octopus Energy (Octopus Agile). It tracks the half-hourly wholesale electricity price.

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