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Solar PV firm fined for making nuisance calls

Posted: 28 November, 2018. Written by Virginia Graham

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has fined Solar Tech North East, a solar PV company based in Middlesborough, £90,000 for making 74,902 nuisance calls between May and June 2017 to consumers registered with the Telephone Preference Scheme (TPS).

The ICO found that Solar Tech North East 'did not screen its calls against the TPS list and has not signed up to use the service despite claiming that it did so'.

Further ICO found that Solar Tech North East 'purchased third party data without undertaking any sufficient due diligence'.

Solar Tech North East's RECC membership was terminated by the independent Non-Compliance Panel on 13 July 2016 for multiple breaches of the Consumer Code.

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