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STA launches 'Repair Agreement' for installers of domestic solar PV and solar thermal

Posted: 22 December, 2015. Written by Mark

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has published a Repair Agreement which sets out a framework for carrying out maintenance and repairs between an installer and a consumer. Repair work by a third party is often needed where a system has stopped working, or appears to be faulty, and is no longer under guarentee.

In the past some installers have been reluctant to repair other installers' systems because of the possibility of hidden flaws. For example, the repairer might uncover additional work not originally budgeted for. Simialrly there has been concern they could inherit liability for pre-existing flaws they didn’t know about.

The Repair Agreement negates these concerns by setting out the limitations of the service being offered.

Homeowners wanting a repair can search the STA's Find an Installer page and tick the 'Repairs/Maintenance' option.