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Underwriter, Elite Insurance Company Ltd, ceases writing new business

Posted: 11 July, 2017. Written by Lorraine

Underwriter, Elite Insurance Company Ltd has announced that it has now ceased writing any new business with immediate effect. All policies issued up to this date will remain in force and existing policyholders will not be affected. Any claims should continue to be submitted to the company’s claim handling agents as stated on policy documents.

Regarding new policies, Code Members must make sure that the insurance provider/s they use for deposit and workmanship warranty insurance have alternative arrangements in place regarding underwriters, where they used Elite Insurance Company.

Where alternative arrangements have not yet been made, Code Members will not be able to log new policies with these insurance providers. Code Members should, for the time being, use a different insurance provider to log policies with.

A table of insurance providers that RECC is aware of can be found here. Please note that where this table shows Elite Insurance Company, it has not yet been updated to reflect the recent news.